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Taking advantage of globalization, Indian infrastructure industry is moving at a rapid pace and so is our business. We are constantly charting new territories and surging ahead on the road to success step by step

In meeting demands of infrastructure development, LEC has emerged as a fore runner specifically in the field of Highways, Bridges and Road Safety Audit by offering quality and timely services for which time and again it has won accolades and appreciation from all its client, we have come far in a very short span of time and are set to go further. We are constantly adding more high-ticket contracts to our portfolio, providing services to more and more high profile clients, trying to expand across more sectors and spreading into more cities. It has been truly a rewarding journey for LEC from a modest beginning in the year 2002; we have grown in to a large group with a workforce of 800 plus members of different specialization working as a team in a family like atmosphere. Our turnover has jumped from more Rs.4 lacs in its year of inception to 220.00 million in the last financial year and we are expecting to touch 300 million in the current financial year.

Looking ahead, we see a whole new LEC awaiting us, a LEC that holds a lot of promise, a LEC, which shall take us to higher levels, a LEC, where all its members are growing in experience and efficiency, resulting in their prosperity and the firm as well

May God Bless All,

Good luck

Mr. Sunil Kathuria
General Manager (Admin)