LEC’s projects include all types of highways, from local access roads and streets to major urban and rural strategic routes. For last many years we have been providing total engineering consultancy solutions for Detailed Project Report preparation of Roads & Highways. We are one of the few companies who can provide all inter related services of Highway Engineering like Soil Investigation, Survey, Design of Structures etc. under one roof. We offer services for:


Bridges & Structures

LEC provides structural and hydraulic leadership for many districts, consultants and other units of government, with services for the design, construction and maintenance of bridges and structures. Design of Bridges forms an important part of our services. Our exclusiveness lies in the fact that we have in house capabilities of carrying out all the services related to bridge design such as Soil Investigation, Survey, Design of Super Structures, Foundation Engineering etc.


Traffic & Transportation

Transportation forms an integral part of a country’s infrastructure, enabling social and economic development and allowing passage for increasingly mobile populations. LEC is at the forefront of Transport engineering. We help clients around the world to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective transport systems that deliver real benefits to the community.

LEC through its engineering and management efforts, has been associated with the movement of goods and people throughout the world. To stay current in this ever-accelerating race, we are constantly upgrading our resources and knowledge in order that we can provide quality assistance to our clients in providing a safe, efficient and reliable means of transportation.

Our Transportation professionals provide feasibility, design and supervision services to governments, multilateral agencies, concessionaires and EPC clients globally. Having successfully completed several domestic, multilateral and PPP projects; we firmly believe that we are in a unique position to undertake various studies, planning, design and project management of linear transportation projects meeting timelines, desired costs and quality parameters. While developing new systems, we also help in the restoration and re-organisation of old infrastructure elements.



LEC is one of the leading providers of services to the railway sector. They established with wide railway industry support to help tackle current and future skills needs within the railway engineering industry.


Water Resources

LEC is concerned with the quality and availability of water which is the most important resource in the world. From urban to rural environments and from public agencies to private community efforts, LEC has been active in the management of water. With water-born diseases that can so drastically devastate a community, LEC has been involved in many successful projects which integrate Health, Water and Sanitation concerns. LEC works with water providers, public authorities and organizations across the world to manage water in a holistic and sustainable way.



Architecture is the key to tomorrow’s built environments. At LEC, we believe that buildings serve a higher purpose. Great architecture shapes the human experience, improves the quality of the built environment and helps conserve the earth’s resources. Our goal, therefore is to cut through the complexity to enable easier and a better quality of life. LEC has been planning and designing complex projects for almost a decade. We have a global reputation for delivering affordable, well-built and inspiring work.

Our architects strive to co-exist with the built complexities – regulatory contexts, schedules and budgets. We deliver innovative designs with sustainable & green architecture concepts. Our in-house design capabilities extend to residential spaces, commercial complexes, multiplexes, office spaces and industrial spatial forms. Our design ideology enables us to deliver original yet practical local solutions.


Industrial Infrastructure

LEC is a consultancy organization formed by professionals having wide range of experience in commercial, financial, regulatory and technical spheres of Construction and Infrastructure sectors. At the core of our business remains our commitment to deliver superior value to our clients. LEC support clients through all phases of their infrastructure program and project development.


Geotechnical Engineering

We are one of the leading Geotechnical Engineering Companies in India and are capable of providing all related engineering value additions ranging from Field Investigations, Field Testing, Laboratory Testing & Analysis as well as Foundation Consultancy.


Environmental Engineering

At LEC, our utmost motto is to carefully plan the environmental outcome of each one of our projects. When we think projects, we think sustainability. We work in partnership with clients to strive for the twin goals of project excellence and sustainability.

Capitalizing on our experience of over many years, we have been managing nearly all aspects of environmental planning and sustainability, from regulatory compliance to green buildings. Our key focus is on energy efficiency, solid and hazardous waste management, environmental and energy management systems, ISO certification, LEED building certification, rain water harvesting, impact assessment studies and environmental monitoring. We have delivered more than 200 projects that have successfully cleared all stringent environmental prerequisites. We strongly believe that by shifting the energy burden from non-renewable to renewable resources, we can stand up to the challenges of the future.


Rural Development Sector

LEC has an extensive background with building local capacity and local economies through agricultural and rural development. We have successfully been able to improve livelihoods and capacity through the introduction of technologies and techniques that support sustainable development. A key focus has always been to balance the social elements and the environmental elements within any activity supporting agricultural and rural development, in an effort to uplift the region economically.


Institutional Development & Training

Our qualified engineering experts bring an established experience in consulting with institutional and private institutions.  Their institutional development expertise helped many clients realize dramatic increases in resource planning and performance.

Our operational approach first evaluates and assesses a client’s existing resources, needs and setup. Then we determine current institutional performance levels, defining problematic issues and future requirements, before customizing solutions.

With our long and strategic expertise in a diverse range of engineering services and our regional knowledge-base, LEC has become an instrumental partner to international and regional companies in the delivery of institutional development and training. Following the completion of each development program, our expert consultants go back to clients to conduct evaluations that measure service performance and approval levels.